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Good Ideas to Save on Home Improvement?

Question by mykah: Good Ideas to Save on Home Improvement?
I’ve got a few things to do around the house now that spring is coming on but money is tight. Any good ideas on ways to save some money while still getting all my home improvement projects done?


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Answer by Lisa B
Check the habitat for humanity website for a re-sell store near you. They have building materials that builders have donated excess materials from jobs they have completed and re-sell them at a lower cost.
The website is

Good luck!

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  1. Impossible to answer your question without knowing what projects you plan to do. Suggest you repost with more specifics.

  2. Sexual favors for contractors.

  3. If you know anyone in the trades; or the building material companies ;What ever you do for a living is important to what someone else needs Try to barter with them. or go on line and post it.

  4. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ

    One great, but not timely, source of materials is shopping malls that are undergoing individual store renovations.
    I’ve connected on 2 such make-overs, and you’d be amazed what they throw out.
    Carpet, wiring, conduit, water heaters, insulation, paneling, 2X4’s, and many other quality, heavy duty items.
    Since it was being thrown into a dumpster, I just bought a couple of pizzas and a 12 pack of cold soda & gave it to the guys doing the stripping.
    I’m still using (after 10 years) supplies I appropriated & stored for whatever came up.
    Like i said, they don’t always have a store being done, but check with the mall manager and ask…can’t hurt.

  5. Jonah Montgomery

    I would give a big second to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. You can often find great things there.

    Check with other thrift stores in your area too. Never know what people might drop off. I is another awesome resource depending on your project. Just post your needs and someone may have it. But also watch the posts regularly as someone may offer up something you’ll need in the future and be able to store.

    As far as buying new, I always try to check for sales, or other ways to get discounts like these Home Depot coupons to help lower the cost of my supplies.

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