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Home Improvement Season 3 Episode 24 Reality Bytes cool man

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  1. Melanie Ruttle

    I don’t why Randy cope Tim’s old romance college notes. they were trick
    randy up what he did. I love Heidi were black she look kind sexy. other
    part Tim it so funny take thing from his show or Al show Heidi was gave it

  2. Sparky Projects

    In the UK it was common in the 50’s and before to have a metal water tank
    in the back of the fireplace, usually covered by a metal removable plate
    (for cleaning), some of the heat from the fire would heat the water in the
    tank, and that would provide hot water via a heat exchanger coil in the
    hot water tank, no pump, it was done by convection (hot water rises to the
    storage tank)
    One problem was when people removed the pipes that ran around the room, and
    got central heating, but they blocked the outlet ports from the tank, so
    when they had an open fire, the back boiler tank would explode.

  3. Guywithcrazyideas

    I’m not impressed.

  4. Daniel Repasky

    Push 3 over and over

  5. Few pics wouldn’t have been a bad idea!

  6. What episode did Jamie mention?

  7. syafiqrahman Hensem


  8. Thomas Ferraro

    The systems Jamie is talking about are great. I actually use to install
    them for a company my father owned years ago. They were ahead of their
    time during the oil crisis of the 70’s! Wish he had taken video of his
    system for us to see.

  9. Wow. As a mechanical engineer, I love this so much haha.

  10. Interesting, If I ever had cash to spare I’d love to do this.

  11. Always feel bored off him. Yawn

  12. This sounds very cool (and expensive) but I’d really like to actually see

  13. Wow. What an incredibly awesome idea!!!

  14. A water pipe heating based solution is very common in Russia. On a side
    note, by using a reservoir he is using the same premise as a water cooling
    solution for PC’s ; except his water his hot. 

  15. cantcurecancer

    I always thought just a simple radiator > pump > radiator system was
    ingenious to use the ambient outdoor cold/hot air. For example, during the
    winter it’s cold outside, and warm inside. Inside though, you have a
    refrigerator that is warm outside (room temp) and cold inside. It’s using
    tons of energy to remove the heat that you created to warm the house. Why
    not just put a radiator on the inside of the fridge, pump water to another
    radiator outside the house and utilize that cold air? 

  16. Ryan Hendrickson

    Do you also have it automated so that you are only pumping from a hot tank
    and not a cold tank?

  17. Kyle Polansky

    It would be really cool to have some pictures of this fireplace. Could have
    easily overlaid them on this video.

  18. James Grimwood

    Ahh he’s re-invented the back-boiler, but put it up the chimney. Popular
    amongst English coal burning houses (we don’t burn wood in our fires, we
    burn proper coal – which is probably illegal to even own in California ;-)

  19. Pictures Would be nice

  20. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    So if he’s closed off the front of the fire presumably to stop the room air
    from being used in the fire and evacuated up the chimney to be replaced
    with cold air to the room, where is the fire getting air from?

  21. Wade Woodring

    Please Mr Hyneman keep talking. We need more of you on Tested!!

  22. Maybe seeing it makes a difference but it sounds like you should just get a
    wood stove if you care that much about heating your home in California.

  23. infiltrator7777

    Next time show us. The point of YouTube and video is visual.

  24. engineeredlifeform

    Can’t beat a real fire, I have two glass fronted stoves in my house! I also
    have an open fire in one of my outbuildings, and to counteract the cooling
    effect of drawing air into the building through cracks etc, it has vents
    outside that draw air right into the well under the fire grate. I need to
    re-point the chimney though, it leaks smoke before it gets out of the
    chimney pot.

  25. Whatever the combination of criteria and stimuli that were influencing Mr.
    Hyneman during this clip, recreate them for future shoots. This was the
    most concise I’ve seen him on Tested…good job.

  26. felipesmaland

    the stuff he talks about is comon sense in sweden…… minus the elecric
    pump.. but the heat makes the water circulate…

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