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Everest home improvements customer care went into overdrive either due to the threat of getting the Guardian Consumer Champion involved OR ( I would like to think) due to me getting straight through to the right lady!


Our Everest windows as initially fitted were slightly damaged, we let the mark inside go by as it would have meant not having them fitted, the catch was received damaged and was subsequently replaced – the fitter initally worked saturday in compensation for us spending a day in on the monday before having NOT been notified they were NOT coming!

BUT he was a thorn among roses and cocked up the fitment

The engineer who THEN came to inspect the damage then told us units this size really need 2 handles per unit – Everest have since said that the size was on the breakpoint so they made them with ONE not TWO

HOWEVER what this engineer did not pick up on was that the rogue fitter had "tweaked" the handles so they worked WITHOUT having to push the unit int othe frame slightly, BUT that was in fact an integral part of the seals working CORRECTLY

The units were on the borderline of too large for two handles BUT once they were selaing ok with the handles in the location the factory put them they DID seal ok

THUS a rogue fitter cost Everest two visits from engineers and the cost of mobilising a team of fitters to remove and replace a perfectly servicable pair of units with two more AND gave us the chanceto buy the "faulty" units for £500 fitted the apir to glaze upstairs

ADMITTEDLY the rogue fitter had NOT used the polystyrene draught excluder between the frame and the unit as he should have done….. so without the replacement we would always have had slightly draughty units

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