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Q&A: DIY Home improvement?

Question by Not my name: DIY Home improvement?
I made improvements to my house without getting any permits. Am I in deep doo-doo now?

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Answer by Bhop
Are you confident in the work that was done?
If so, then you only have a problem if you tell the city.

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  1. no just sell and shut the hell up. If you did the job right you have nothing to worry about. If you screwd stuff up you are liable. Its that simple.

  2. It depends on what type of improvements that you made. If it was just doing some painting, fixing walls etc. you do not need a permit. You probably would need permits for doing major electrical work, plumbing etc. so that they can send someone to your house to inspect it, making sure it is up to code. Each town, village,or city has there own way of dealing with permits. Just more or less a racket, just so they can get there money, and saying they inspected it. If you know somebody, and they know you know what you are doing, sometimes they won’t even inspect the work. They are happy to take your money though. It will have to be inspected though if you do not have any connections, to make sure that the work is safe, and will not cause a fire etc..Good Luck..

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