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Q&A: Do you like Home Improvement?

Question by Donny Osmond: Do you like Home Improvement?
Why or why not?

Best answer:

Answer by Trix Is My Kryptonite
I love Home Improvement, I still watch reruns.

Because it’s funny and clean, and the sons are hot.

Plus… Tim reminds me of my dad lol.

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  1. Hawkeye Pierce

    *Grunt grunt* Yes.

  2. Willows Luke's Wifey♥

    i like watching your show:)

    i like when the improvements are done
    but not doing them haha

  3. Yes, to bad the re-runs aren’t on that much! And It was funny, and silly :)

  4. i♥jonathan♥taylor♥thomas♥

    I love that show! It is my favorite show actually :) It’s hilarious, although sometimes corny, that’s what makes it funny! The sons are great, my favorite being Randy of course. He always had some really clever lines. And Tim is hysterical, the facial expressions he can make will cause me and my mom to bust up laughing.

    That show rocks! Best show on t.v., or at least best show of the 90s!

  5. Its okay. I use to watch it on nick@nite but it doesn’t come on anymore

  6. Home Improvement is one of my favorite shows and I still watch it. Some may think that it would be little kids humor, or something like that, but it wasn’t. Tim Allen was hilarious in Home Improvement, along with the three boys. A lot of funny episodes.

  7. i like it, but i haven’t watched it in a while.

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