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What Companies provide Home Improvement Contractors Insurance?

Question by The_Rockstar: What Companies provide Home Improvement Contractors Insurance?
I need an insuarance certificate for public liability for $ 1000,000 and property damage for 25,000

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Answer by mbrcatz17
OK, assuming you’re in the US, as you posted this to a US board – if you have no prior insurance, you’ll have to go to an independent agent who can hook you up with a non-admitted carrier like Rockwood Ins. or Scottsdale. Both do contractors. It will likely cost you about $ 1000 – $ 1500 if you’re a one man shop. You’ll have to pay it up front. It will be fully earned, so if you buy the insurance, then get the certificate, and try to cancel the policy, they’ll cancel it, but you won’t get any money back. Sorry, but contractors do that ALL THE TIME. They also, as a group (so don’t take it personally) like buying policies just for their busy season, then letting them cancel for nonpayment – which is why you have to pay in full for a year.

But if you’re calling State Farm, Nationwide, Farmers, etc, you’ll notice they won’t write you without three years of insurance history. So you need to go to an independent who can shop you out on the surplus market.

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  1. Their are Many Conventional Companies that will write “home improvement contractors”. Contrary to popular belief All you need is at least 3 years experience as a contractor doing the same line of work. You don’t have to have had prior insurance. (Just experience),. I write many “start up’s) like yourself. Besides….How are you going to get a policy …otherwise. Safe to say. ..your type of business “Home Improvement” contractor encompasses a mixture of construction classes. ie: carpentry, Siding, Gutters and possibly roofing. It all depends on your “main” project description. I put most of these “handy man” or Home Improvement shops as Carpentry. If you did roofing that’s another story.

    Many carriers don’t like roofing because of loss potential.

    If you have a few years experience as a Carpenter working either for yourself or another Artisan contractor….then you will find coverage. A word of warning……If you are a General or “paper” contractor. (subs out everything then the markets are very limited). As a re-modeler or Fix it guy…your in good shape.

    Give an Independent Agent a call. You need to start some place!

  2. check with your local insurance agent

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