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what happend to randy taylor from home improvement?

Question by Tyler: what happend to randy taylor from home improvement?
lik i remeber on the show they said he went to florida, but he was never back on after that, an i dont rember them saying anything else on the show after he left, it was just like on the show just just had 2 kids, they didnt say anthing, but what happend to him in real life? i no hes alive, and why id he leave home improvement?

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Answer by yoyoyo
lol, thats funny

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  1. Interestingly enough, he was involved in wrestling: he was special guest time keeper for Wrestlemania 11.

    But anyways…
    He left to go to focus on school. After Home Improvement (great show btw), he did a few movies (many not well received) like:

    The Lion King (Simba’s Voice)
    I’ll Be Home For Chistmas
    Man of the House
    Tom and Huck

    After that I lost track of him, but apparently he made a few appearances on tv.

    He was attending Harvard but now he’s at Columbia University Graduate School.

  2. ~Hailey ♥'s JTT~

    Well on Home Improvment he traveled to Mexico! but the real reason that he left is because he was working on his education. and your right he is still alive and he is 27! but I wish that he stayed on untill the last
    episode of HI! too bad! but he was my favorite on Home Improvment, and so was tim!

  3. i♥jonathan♥taylor♥thomas♥

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas who played Randy Taylor on Home Improvement left after the 7th season to prepare for college. He did appear in the first two episodes of the 8th season. The one where he left for an environmental program in costa rica was titled “adios”. he did appear in the 1998 christmas episode titled “Home for he holidays”.

    he told everyone that the reason he did not appear in the last 3 parter episode titled “he long and winding road” which included clips from the past seasons was not bcuz of any tensions with the actors, but he was visiting a college in europe.

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